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Rely on each other

Through the clear glass door, I saw a lady with a walker standing in front of the shop; I quickly opened the door for her. This lady was not tall and a little bigger than I am, she was wearing the light blue hospital patient jacket

Girl who wants to be a voluntee

A slim and weak body shape young lady came into the recovery shop holding a shopping list, she wanted to buy a nasal irrigation tool. Then followed a stronger built lady looks a little older than she did came into the shop.

Money and Tissue Paper

A lady came into the Recovery Shop this afternoon wanted to buy a box of tissue paper. She asked as I hand her a box, “How much it is for a box and does it has fragrance? I do not want any fragrance.”

Flying Peer Support

Some of the content are only available in either Chinese or English.

Rainbow After the Rain

The doorbell rang! Ka Ka excitedly “Daddy is home! Daddy is home!”, but the person who rang wasn’t daddy and realized the sadden fact is that Daddy is never coming home!

Rain or Shine Along with Family

Amy’s son has first incident in age of 13, on that day the sky was dark and heavy.

Dare to Hire – Special Talented Worker Exhibits Advantage at Workplace

Yuan is 23 years old this year, he was referred by a BOKSS social worker to complete a one-month internship program in Protrek outdoor sporting good company last October.