Tree of Life Volunteer Project is a volunteer scheme implemented by Integrated Services for Mental Health since 2004.


- To facilitate exchange and communication between community and the recovered and their families

- To minimise discrimination and misunderstanding

- To achieve community inclusion

- To raise awareness of volunteers towards physical and mental health of individuals


Logo Meaning

The logo symbolises that everyone is like a branch of the tree of life nourished by sun and water and supporting each other and therefore bearing the fruits of life.


The Project emphasises the volunteer training. Apart from mental health knowledge and volunteer skills training, we also invite experienced volunteers, art therapists and counsellors as mentors in teaching volunteers the philosophy of “Walk and Experience with Love and Care”.


Adult recovered

Children aged 6 – 15 of the recovered (“little members”)

Community members


Forms of Service

Caring Hotline

Provision of information and emotional support services for the recovered who lack adequate community resources via regular warm calls (2 times per month)

Participation in community activities with service targets together to establish their community network


Activity Co-organisation


“Big Brother and Sister” Scheme

Home Homework Counselling, Emotional Support and Companion Services for “Little Members”

Engagement in Centre Activities with “Little Members”

Becoming “Role Model” of “Little Members”



Dormitory Mentorship Scheme

Regular Visits to Halfway Houses to Help Residents to Achieve Personal Goals

Community Inclusion Activities

Facilitating Mutual Understanding and Life Sharing for Volunteers and the Recovered Through Innovative Inclusion Activities

Recruitment Criteria

Adults aged 18 or above

With qualification of secondary school or above

Responsible, mature, willing to serve “little members” or the recovered with mental distress

Completed basic training (4 sessions in total)

Committed to the following within 1 year:

          - 2 times of service participation per month

          - Advanced training participation for at least 2 times

Recruitment Period

Caring Hotline – Jan – Feb

“Big Brother and Sister” Scheme – Jun - Jul

Application and Enquiry
34131641 / 3413-1575


Volunteer Registration Form:生命樹義工同行計劃報名表
Any interested parties are welcome to register as one-off volunteer. Please complete the form below and send e-mail to