Peer support workers are a group of trained mental health recoverees employed by district mental health recover service organization;

giving support and encouragement to others facing mental health illnesses by sharing their valuable experiences.


“Mindset” peer support scheme established since 2012, provides training courses, practical training and positions opening to equip mental health

recoverees as peer support workers; employment opportunities for trained peer support workers are also available in district mental health

recover service organization and rehabilitation centers


Since March 2016, Social Welfare was granted by the Lotteries Fund to implement “Pilot Project on Peer Support Service in Community Psychiatric Service Units”, the project objectives are:


Relate training is required for peer support workers, learning the basic communication skill and technique to enhance the worker confidence.

Training includes role & responsibility, develop well communication skill & trust, experiences sharing, leading small group & activity technique,

and usage of community resources. Our organization also provides on-job supervision to peer support workers.


Job Duties

Service Development

Our peer support workers have provided supports to many other mental health recoverees in these past few years through visits, small group activity sharing sessions and education courses in mental health recover service, family member service, recover college, rehabilitation center, school, church, hospital, and meeting conference, promoting mental health education to the society. To understand more about peer support workers job, please contact us.


朋輩.三年 (復元從溝通開始|朋輩支援員訪談錄)

Mindset Peer Support Worker Project Report

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