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“Happy Go Buddies” Programme started to provide diversified services and training for needy children in 2011 in enhancing their mental wellness and emotional regulation capacity. It is operated by a team of expertise, including social workers, clinical psychologists, counsellors and arts therapists. We also organise various educational activities for parents, professionals and the public to facilitate the community to help children face challenges with positive attitudes.


“Happy Go Buddies” aims to gauge the general situation of children's emotion health in Hong Kong, to identify risk and protective factors so as to inform intervention approach, and provides prevention and early intervention service to help children face challenges in developing positive attitude and socio-emotional capacity.


Primary school students in Kwai Tsing, Wan Chai and Eastern districts

Service Content

1. Research and analysis

To conduct questionnaire survey for upper primary students and their parents and measure the general phenomena of children’s emotion condition; to study its relationship with related factors and thus formulating appropriate intervention and prevention solutions, and support individual schools in terms of students’ mental health and developmental needs according to survey data.

2. “Happy Go Buddies” Healthy Emotion Groups

Use evidence-based therapeutic approaches combined with story-telling and artistic elements, to help students learn to regulate their emotions and establish healthy habits through interesting small-group activities and thereby enhance their psychological flexibility and motivation to achieve goals.


3. Art Experiential Groups/ Workshops

To allow students express their own ideas, attitudes, desires and feelings in a judgement-free platform through a wide range of artistic elements including painting, visual arts, stories or drama as communication medium and thus gain insight and experience acceptance. Interactive process can help students soothe emotions and explore how to handle stress or interpersonal relationships.

4. Parent Talks

To allow parents understand emotions and how to communicate with children on emotion topic and help children alleviate emotional distress, so that emotion will not hinder their development but become their motivation.


5. Student Talks

To present emotional health in a way that suits the mental development of upper primary students, so that students will get familiar with and accept their own emotions and therefore express and deal with emotions appropriately.


6. Case Support

To provide case follow-up services, early assessment and intervention for students in need.


Schools may, as needed, discuss with our social workers for the most appropriate services.

Charges vary depending on activities. Please contact our staff for more details.


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