GROWTHorizons Mental Wellness Service for Children emphasises on establishing children’s health in emotional and social development and provide diversified services for children in need with different modes of intervention and therefore enhancing their resilience to face challenges in growing up


1. To collaborate with schools and community partners to deliver

    psychoeducation on mental wellness for students, parents and teachers


2. To identify children and teenagers at higher risk and deliver prevention

    and early intervention work

3. To provide indivdualised and family-oriented intervention services for

    children and teenagers who are experiencing emotional distress

Service Scope

1. Public Education

To organise various educational activities, including exhibitions, talks and workshops, to raise the awareness of parents and the public towards emotion wellness of children and to identify families in need.

2. Emotion Wellness Groups

Evidence-based intervention approach combined with story-telling, and elements of art forms are used in the groups. Children and teenagers can learn how to regulate their emotions and establish healthy habits and thereby minimize the negative impact of anxiety and emotional distress.


3. Parents Support

To support parents through support groups or workshops to enhance parental effectiveness and know-how to handle emotions of their children and teenagers. Content of groups includes: parenting skills, parent-child communication, mindfulness, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy


4. Individual and Family Counselling

To provide mental state assessment and counselling services for children/teenagers, parents or families, or make referral and collaboration with health and other professionals.


Service Targets

- Children and teenagers aged 6 – 18 with emotional/mental distress​

Remarks: Center-based service is open for service users of all living districts; Service delivered to school and initial home visits is limited to service users in Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, and Kwai Tsing district)

Modalities of counseling 

Play Therapy

Play therapy allows children to express their feelings, explore themselves and reorganize past experience through an accepted and safe creative space, which promotes healthy socio-emotional development.


Family Therapy

Family therapy is to facilitate systemic change of the family interactional patterns to improve emotional wellness of children.

Art Therapy

Using a variety of art forms, including music, drama, dance and movement, and visual arts, to guide individuals or groups to explore and express their thoughts, emotions and choices in a free and accepted space and therefore establish a healthy self-image.


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