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Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service emphasizes the use of education to foster the continual development people in recovery. The establishment of Better Learning Hub symbolizes a new era: Integrating the learning experiences from students and the teaching knowledge of the peer trainers and the professional trainers, the Hub launch a more systematic framework, for students to achieve personal development.


The meaning of Better Learning Hub is to facilitate students to find a better self and  in different life aspects through learning. The Hub gathers different resources for students to explore and have different learning experiences. This Hub also serves as a transition point for students to discover their strengths and direction, which then facilitates them to move on and develop themselves further in the larger community.




The rationale of Better Learning Hub:

1. Focuses on students’ learning, development, and personal growth;

2. Facilitate on the exploration and development of interests and skills; 

3. Promote recovery, co-production and peer development; and

4. Foster social inclusion and integration into the community.




The symbol





1. To utilize adult education model to facilitate students’ continual learning; 

2. To promote Co-production model, the courses offered by the Hub are co-designed and co-delivered by people-in-recovery
    (peer trainers) and professional trainers;
3. Students have the autonomy to choose to enroll for different courses based on their own personal goals and interests. They can        embark on different le arning journeys and take up different roles at the Hub.




Three Faculties

Interests and skills  Development 

Mental Health and Recovery 

Specialties and Advanced Trainings

Support students to explore their own interests, excavate student’s own potential; facilitate students to search for their own direction for self development.

The acknowledgement of mental health and recovery concepts are crucial for mental health. It supports students to manage their mental wellness and recovery better.

Systematic, structured, and advanced training course for students’ further development in skills and knowledge. 




Four types of course 

Fundamental Courses 

Elementary Courses


Advanced Courses 


Self-arranged Learning Groups

Exploration of interests and  mental health knowledge

Development of skills and interests, as well as management of one’s wellness 

(1) Continual development
of interests or skills,
knowing about professional courses and related resources in the community;

(2) To equip one-self to become a Peer Support Worker

Students with the same
interests or skills can form a study group for practice and mutual learning




About our trainers 

Professional Trainers 

Peer Trainers

Professional in different skills and knowledge. They teach professional knowledge or skills, motivate students to learn, and discover students strengths and support them to excel them. 

Expert in recovery. Peer trainers will share their recovery experiences and wisdoms, and to instill hope and promote recovery and mutual learning to students 




Courses Information

April to July 2024 Course prospectus 




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Better Learning Hub Locations and Contacts

Wanchai Office

Address: 8/F, 36 OiKwan Road, WanChai.

3413 1641

Eastern Office

Address: 11/F, Lancashire Centre , 361 Shau Kei Wan Road, Shau Kei Wan

2967 0902

Kwai Tsing Office

Address: 7-14 Cheung Hang Estate – Hang Chi House, Kwai Tsing District, New Territories

2434 4569