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In recent years, schools and NGOs are offering a great variety of Career and Life Planning programs and vocation trainings for the young generation; yet, we have noticed the unsatisfied need of school leaver to-be (those who are leaving school before finishing Secondary 6). Common challenges for the group include: 1/ lack of self-understanding and confidence, 2/ lack of network and connections, and 3/ lack of skills and resources. As a result, they feel discouraged, demotivated and purposeless, losing passion in life.


BOKSS is launching a new workplace experience program-”YOUTH MOVER” , with a mission of ‘promote youth development providing favorable conditions; enhance their competitiveness and thus upward social mobility’. We see private sector involvement is one of the key factors of such a youth employment initiative.


The program adopts a MOVER framework to offer a holistic development, which includes 1/ Life Mentor to share life planning experiences, 2/ over 300 hours job placement, 3/ professional coaches to provide pre-work trainings, and 4/ social worker to offer counselling, to prepare our youth for the ever-changing 21st Century job market, and be a YOUTH MOVER.  

The Program adopts Strategies & Skills Learning & Development (SSLD) Model that focuses on self-exploration on N3C (needs, circumstances, characteristics, capacity) and multiple contingencies thinking development. 

Program Features

Life Mentor — Provide guidance to MOVER through experience sharing

Workplace Mentor — Offer on-job support to MOVER during their job placements

Social Worker — Facilitate MOVER’s self-exploration journey through counselling and coaching 


15 years old or above, school-leaver to-be who are:

- from low-income family or

- with Special Educational Needs (SEN)


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Tel: 3413 1565

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