Primary School “Understanding Adolescent Project” Scheme is organized by Education Bureau to cultivate student resilience ability to face on-going development challenges. By providing activities to Primary 4 to 6 students with participating schools.


Activity Type

Activity Name

※Responsible Party

(assume teacher and school student counsellor are attended)

Student Activities

Welcome Activity

2 responsible social workers – For outdoor or camping activities, sufficient staffs are arranged ensuring the safety of participants and smoothness of activities operation.

Opening Ceremony

Supporting Group

Challenge Day Camp

Re-Challenge Camp

Love Journey


Parent-Child Camp

P5 & P6 Student Activity

Parent Activities

Quality Parent Workshop

1 responsible social worker

Parent Teacher Sharing Session

2 responsible social workers

Teach Activities

Quality Teacher Workshop

2 responsible social workers

Parent Teacher Sharing Session

2 responsible social workers


Service Experience Sharing:

Student “Evolution”

In Primary 4 Opening Ceremony, lecturers and students played a metaphor game called “Joy’s Evolution” through a hand game representing the character in the game as the primary school students can also transform to be more resilience in changes and challenges.

Reflecting back to the past experiences, students who joined the scheme have different types of improvement, the followings are a few remarkable types:

  1. More than One Resolution (Personal Competence C)

    In the beginning of the scheme, students usually would use single solution to resolve problem, student would stop trying if it failed and assumed the mission is a failure. Through “4 Steps of Problem Solving” to Ask, Think, Select, & Do, students learned that problem does not limit to one solution only, rather they now know to identify and measure the advantages and disadvantages of all solutions to select the most appropriate one.  Students learned that failure is just part of learning leading to success.


  2. Being the Master of Your Own Emotion (Personal Competence C)

    Students learned to handle and response to their own negative or bad emotion through small group activities; taking a deep breath, taking a break from the activity or stepping away to wash his face are ways that student learned and adopted to calming their negative emotions. At the beginning, it took much longer for students to calm from negative emotion, through many practices, students are now able to calm their emotion much quicker. Lecturers encouraged students to share their feeling and expectation after they came back from their breaks, encouraged team members to support and understand each other.


  3. Learning Team Work and Encouraging Each Other (Belongingness B)

    At the beginning of the Scheme, students easily blamed each other when the mission task failed making team members to give-up easily. Lecturer continued to help building positive and encouraging environment, created a motto such as “1+1+Encourage = 3, 1+1+Blame = 0”. Toward the end of the Scheme, students were able to say more encouragement than blaming and were willing to share within the group gaining sense of belonging.


  4. Believe Adversity Will Be Behind Us (Optimism O)

    At the end of the Scheme during graduation ceremony, students shared that the biggest challenge was the P5 & P6 outdoor activity. It was not only testing the student physical ability, team work, and skills, it also tested the student endurances. Secondary students felt that the hiking activity was very challenging, but it was all worthy knowing they could see the beautiful view on the mountain top, and could spent times with their team members during activity. They believe that adversity will soon be behind them and all they have to do is to continue to work hard onward.

Collaboration between Organization and School

In collaboration with many primary schools, here are some of their major concerns: 

  1. Same teacher carries out the entire 3-years programme activities: School expects organization to appoint the same teacher to develop and grow with the same team of students in a programme. Organization tries hard to accommodate the request creating a continuity environment for the students to develop a sense of belonging.


  2. Students safety during activities: Schools are most concern the safetiness of activities carryout especially outdoor activities. In case of student injury or special circumstances, activity teacher responses immediately, communicates with the responsible party in school and parents and follow through if needed.


  3. Student behavior during activities: Schools believe that the Understanding Adolescent Project activities is not only an interest activity programme. Schools expect students to observe in addition to the code of conduct of the school, they are also required to observe the code of the activity.


  4. Providing support to Special Education Needs students: Schools expect teachers to be able to provide supports to students with different need areas. Through observation of student behaviors in activities and discussion with school teachers to consider the strategies to assist the students with their special needs.


School Name

District Area

Service Year (Term)

  1. Hong Kong & Macau Lutheran Church Primary School

Hang Hau

2010 - 2018

  1. Fresh Fish Traders’ School

Tai Kok Tsui

2006 - 2019

  1. The Elchk Faith Lutheran School

Shek Kip Mei

2012 - 2019

  1. Lei Muk Shue Catholic Primary School

Lei Muk Shue

2012 - 2019

  1. S.K.H. Saint Clement’s Primary School

Cheung Sha Wan

2013 - 2019

  1. S.K.H Kei Fook Primary School

Cheung Sha Wan

2013 - 2019

  1. Buddhist Chi King Primary School

Kowloon Bay

2010 - 2019

  1. T.K.D.S. Fong Shu Chuen School

Yau Ma Tei

2014 - 2019

  1. Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce Primary School

Lai Chi Kok

2014 - 2018

  1. CNEC Lui Ming Choi Primary School

Tsing Yi

2015 - 2019

  1. Shaukiwan Tsung Tsin School


2009 - 2017

  1. Pui Kiu Primary School

Siu Sai Wan

2009 - 2017

  1. Baptist Rainbow Primary School

Wong Tai Sin

2009 - 2017

  1. King’s College Old Boys’ Association Primary School

Central and Sheung Wan

2009 - 2017

  1. Bonham Road Government Primary School

Sai Ying Pun

2009 - 2017

  1. The Endeavourers Leung Lee Sau Yu Memorial Primary School

Shau Kei Wan

2009 - 2017

  1. Hennessy Road Government Primary School (Causeway Bay)

Previous Name: Hennessy Road Government Primary PM School


2009 - 2017

  1. Sheng Kung Hui St. Timothy’s Primary School

Hung Hom

2010 - 2017




Service Area: Due to our organization service development, our focus areas of the Understanding Adolescent Project on providing support to primary school in Yau Tsim Mong, Sham Shui Po, Kwai Tsing three council districts.

Place Bid Arrangement: Interested primary schools can contact our Education and Family Support Center for more information.


Contact & Enquiry

Address: 1/F., 1 Fortune Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon.

Telephone: 2360-0055