Service Target:

Ethnic minority job seekers who are lawfully employable

Racial Diversity Employment Programme (RDEP), launched by the Labour Department, aims at engaging unemployed ethnic minority job seekers in full-time or part-time long-term positions. This Programme enables job seekers to enter the mainstream labour market and acquire essential job-specific skills to enhance their employability. We offer a wide range of pre-employment and on-the-job training opportunities to ethnic minority job seekers to expose in their favourable industry, so as to assist them to seek the favourable jobs

Employment Support Service

  1. Initial Screening and Needs Assessment

Social workers evaluate the intentions, conditions and needs of the job seekers initially, and introduce them a half-year customized employment support service according to their career goals.


  1. Pre-employment Counselling

Upon the initial screening by the case manager, we offer sufficient individual or group counselling and interview guidance to the job seekers.


  1. Employment Assistance and Job Matching

We provide appropriate job vacancies to best fit the preferences of the job seekers, and liaise with the employers on the recruitment criteria.


  1. Post-placement Support

During the three-month post-placement follow-ups, we talk to the recruited members on their work conditions and assist them in adapting the workplace.


  1. Case Review

     Social workers will review working schedule with the recruited members, and offer them corresponding extended or job service.

Employment Engagement Service

We provide free and one-stop supporting services to employers, thus enriching their knowledge towards the ethnic minority groups and boosting their confidence in hiring them, while assisting employers to recruit employees with the right potential. Most importantly, we are pleased to create a culturally inclusive workplace for employers and nurture their good habits in continuing employing them.

Supporting services include

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