Young mothers aged 15 - 25



Young mothers are provided with emotional support and career planning services so as to help them transit into the role as mother with assistance in terms of

mental support, knowledge, resources and employment opportunities.


Service Scopes

Career Planning and Counselling
Career counselling intervention approach allows trainees to develop current career direction and equip themselves for future challenges in an easier manner.


Job Matching
Liaising with different corporates in promoting “baby-friendly” measures in workplace or providing job opportunities that are suitable for caring young children and thus enhancing individual economic capacity.


Emotional Support
Many young mothers may encounter difficulties or stress in maintaining living or caring children in pre-natal or postnatal periods. This Programme provides appropriate family, psychological counselling and mental wellness services accordingly.


“Mommy School”
Various types of vocational skills training, parental courses, thematic talks and workshops will be provided with an aim to equip young mothers with industry knowledge and therefore enhancing employability.


Comprehensive Assistance
Business community and volunteer groups under BOKSS provide living support to young mothers (such as house improvement). Some service recipients even become mentors to help young mothers quickly adapt to their role as mother.



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