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Our services apply people-oriented approach in individual or group form. With the use of contemporary psychological theories and/or multiple psychological treatment approved by scientific evidence, such as Satir Family Therapy, Triple P (Positive Parenting Programme), cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, diversified art therapy, service recipients will be guided to deal with different issues, including personal growth, emotional distress, interpersonal problems, stressful life, growth trauma, change adaptation, marriage and family counselling.



Galie Chow

Galie received Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Psychology from Department of Counselling and Psychology of Hong Kong Shue Yan University, being a registered social worker, who has studied courses about children play therapy. With more than 10 years of experience in social services for children and youth, she led various activities in different primary and secondary schools, including “Emotional Intelligence Group", “Social Adaptation Group”, “Let Children Grow”, “Sex Education for Secondary School Students”, “Parent-child Communication” and “Parent Workshops”. Currently, Galie provides case or family counselling services targeting children, youth, adults, parent-child relationships and is responsible for organising parent education programmes, school-based support services in primary schools and various family support services.

For enquiries and appointment, please call 3413 1604.

Kathy Ng

Kathy has been working as a psychological counselor for more than 15 years. She received a master’s degree of Counselling in University of New England and later completed professional counselling certificate courses on Satir Family Therapy Model, emotional orientation therapy, trauma therapy course, Prepare/Enrich facilitator course, children play therapy and sex education professionalism. Shehas also worked in secondary schools and different social welfare organisations to provide psychological counselling for children, youth, adults and families, organise personal growth experiential activities and emotional mental wellness support groups, talks and workshops at schools, churches or social welfare organisations, targeting students, parents, teachers and social workers. Currently, Kathy is engaging in counselling services on emotional support, personal growth, parent-child relationship, sex education for families.

For enquiries and appointment, please call 3413 1604.

Wong Kit Ping

Ping is a Registered Art Therapist (ANZACATA & HKAAT-professional member). She has completed PhD and Master of Art Therapy in Western Sydney University. She has many years of working experience in counselling and psychoeducation with children, adolescents and family, particularly committed in working with those children and adolescents who have traumatic experience.

For enquiries and appointment, please call 3413 1604.

Kelly Yeung

Kelly is a Professional Member of American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, a Registered Counsellor of Asian Professional Counselling & Psychology Association, and a Prepare/Enrich facilitator. She received a Master’s Degree in Christian Marriage and Family Therapy from the Bethel Bible Seminary. Kelly used to write a weekly column on parenting in the media and she had conducted many psycho-education workshops for schools and charities. She specializes in using Family Therapy and Psychodynamic Approach in treating patients with emotional distress and relationship problem. Kelly also finds fulfilment in journeying with people in search of their true self. 

For enquiries and appointment, please call 3413 1604.

Placement counsellor

Lo Sze Man

Ms Lo is studying  Master of Arts in Social Work (Family-centred Practice and Family Therapy) in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She is undertaking her practicum in our center. Ms Lo has received a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Social Work with Minor in Counselling in City University of Hong Kong.  She is a registered social worker with more than 10 years of experience in social services for children and youth. She has studied different children play therapy courses and she is working as a primary school social worker. She had experience of leading various activities in different primary and secondary schools, including “Emotional Management  Group", “ Understanding the Adolescent Project”(UAP), “Positive Adolescence Training and Holistic Social Programme”P.A.T.H.S), “Positive Parenting Groups" , “and “Parent Workshops”.

For enquiries and appointment, please call 3413 1604.

Placement Expressive Arts Therapist :

Wong Kuk Yin (Genie)

Miss Wong is studying Master in Expressive Arts Therapy in Hong Kong University and now is undertaking her practicum. She has received a Bachelor Degree of Counseling and Psychology in Hong Kong Shue Yan University. She has already offering mental counseling services for children, youngsters and adults for more than six years. She is keen on integrating the elements of arts, including music, visual art, drama, creative writing and movements for benefiting people’s body, mind and spiritual health.

For enquiries and appointment, please call 3413 1604.

Placement Expressive Arts Therapist : FREE

Service Charges

Counselling Services (Sponsored by The Community Chest of Hong Kong)

Counselling for Individuals, Couples and Families

Counsellor/Social worker: HK$500*

50 minutes per session

Art therapist: HK$1000

Placement counsellor: HK$100*

Pre-marital Counselling

Pre-marital Counselling

(Prepare / Enrich)


Including 6 individual counselling sessions and

1 follow-up session

@Please mention in enquiry if you consider doing pre-marital assessment questionnaire which is designed by Dr. David Olson, an American psychologist.

Talks/ Group Services

Charges may vary depending on number of participants,

nature and length of service time.

*Applicants with financial difficulties may apply for fee reduction.


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